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½ Hours
70,00  €  
1 Hours
100,00  €  
2 Hours
150,00  €  

in our relaxation area

Enjoy the benefits of a massage in Anderlecht in a room fully dedicated to your wellbeing. Whether you’re alone or in a couple, we provide various packages to meet all your needs.

A fully equipped massage parlour including:

  • Professional massage table
  • Futon
  • HI-FI – LED TV – DVD
  • Essential oils
  • Massage oils
  • Warming oils
  • Creams
  • Etc.

Relaxation area for couples

Are you a couple wanting to enjoy all the benefits of a fully equipped massage room to share special times together? We give you the option to rent this relaxation area with all the facilities and products needed for an unforgettable experience with your partner.


  • ½ hour: €70
  • 1 hour: €100
  • 2 hours: €150


Book our relaxation area for couples via our contact and booking form by selecting "Relaxation" in the form’s "Your choice" dropdown menu. In the "Special request" field, please state "Rent couples’ relaxation area".

Wellbeing massage services

Want to enjoy the relaxing and soothing benefits of a traditional wellbeing massage? Our relaxation area provides a fully equipped room, offering you the ideal setting to relax and recharge your batteries. In the "Special request" field, please state "Wellbeing massage service".


  • ½ hour: €100
  • 1 hour:  €150
  • 2 hours: €250


Availability of our relaxation and massage area

Want to book our relaxation area to experience the delights of a massage? We offer a fully equipped room to your requests.


The total cost of the service can vary depending on the facilities required (relaxation area, studio, etc.) and your personal requests. Contact us by emailing for more information on our pricing.

To contact us

Questions on our massage services in Anderlecht? Contact us today, we will be delighted to help you.